The Everyday Fall Table

 Thanksgiving is soon arriving here in Canada on October 10th. I am planning on laying the table with my best silverware, crystal goblets, and my nicest tablecloth. But until that day arrives and throughout the Fall decorating season I set what I call The Everyday Fall Table. The ... {continue reading}

Friday-It’s A Wrap!

Oh my goodness it's Friday. It seems like I was just waking up to Monday and now the end of the week is staring me in the face already! Do you ever feel that way?  Although I never like to see time passing me by so quickly I won't complain. I did manage to get a few of my ... {continue reading}

Farmhouse Bakery Sign DIY

Do you love farmhouse signs as much as I do? Have you tried your hand at making one yet? Well today I would like to share my own farmhouse bakery sign DIY process with you. It was so darn easy, I don't know why I waited so long to give it a try myself! The first thing you want ... {continue reading}

Canning Pimentos

I love canning. And in the last year my husband and I have canned stuff I've never even thought of canning before. We've canned bacon. We've canned butter. And now I'm canning pimentos! I know these aren't the usual food items that people most commonly can, but when I find a  ... {continue reading}

Tiered Tray Extravaganza

Hello friends! I am joining the Three Tier Extravaganza party over at Poofing the Pillows. Pop over to view the many examples of how to decorate your three tiered tray or hurry and join the party! ... {continue reading}

Apple Picking Days

Apple picking days are upon me now. Have you noticed, my friends, how much shorter the days are becoming? Here in the North it is actually getting dark by 8:30pm!  Combining the shorter days, the cooler overnight temperatures, and the yellowing of the birch leaves I ... {continue reading}

10 Beautiful Fall Tablescapes

10 Beautiful Fall  Tablescapes source If you had ask me a week ago if I had seen any visible signs of Fall here in Northern Ontario I would have had to say no. If you had ask me a week ago whether I was making any plans for our upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving celebration I would ... {continue reading}

Quick and Easy Fall Decor

source Are you ready for Fall? Ladies I have to admit that I haven't done a thing yet to prepare for Fall myself. I do love the Fall season, it's not that. It is just that when Fall arrives Winter too soon follows. Yes, it happens that way every year....But to be perfectly ... {continue reading}

Homemade Blueberry Jam In Five Minutes

Did you know that you can whip up a batch of homemade blueberry jam in five minutes? Well neither did I. A few weeks ago while shopping for canning jars I ran across a product labeled Sugar Free Freezer Jam Pectin. Several months ago I had changed my diet and I now no longer ... {continue reading}

Harvesting Lavender

For many years I had dreamed of the day when I could walk out to my own little herb garden to harvest my very own lavender.  I would envision myself harvesting lavender, filling baskets and baskets full of this sweetly aromatic herb. While thumbing through a magazine one day ... {continue reading}