Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flower Gardens of the Past




It's been rainy here today and overcast, so Starlet and I are
going to make this a crafting day today.
It was very muggy yesterday and 26C, but the rain has cooled it a bit for today.
I'm off to make French toast now.....
Hope your day is a good one for you!


Monday, 21 July 2014

BlogLand Tour

Last week I was invited by my blogging friend, Jann, at Have A Daily cup of Mrs. Olsen to take part in a BlogLand Tour.
Thank you, Jann, for including me!
Jann has such an interesting blog to follow... She is a quilter, a gardener, and a crafter who always has a project in the works. Her blog is just packed full of creative inspiration!
One of Jann's most recent projects was her sewing room redo. If you missed it, you will definitely want to view it here.
Now to start my part of the BlogLand Tour, I am to answer the following four questions:
1) What are you working on?
Actually, I am working on nothing right now, except having all the fun that I can pack into one week with my sweet granddaughter, Starlet!
She is a pure joy to her Papa and me.
She and I will be working on projects together, but most of our time has been spent fishing and swimming while the weather is holding out.
I did recently finish a Budget Porch Project that you can view here, if you missed it when it was recently posted.
I have also finished a Budget Basement Laundry Room Redo, but it will have to wait until after my time with my granddaughter's is over.
Family first, right?
2) How does my work differ from others?

The only way that I think that it might differ is simply because we are all unique individuals with differing taste and style preferences of our own.
Hopefully we are creating those things that we enjoy ourselves or that we believe will bring joy to others!

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

Again, it is because it brings me such joy! It's very satisfying to have an inspiring idea, and then in turn see it come together before your eyes.
I enjoy reading about what other blogger friends are creating, I love hearing how their families are getting on,
seeing the beautiful scenery from their neck of the woods; even trying a recipe or two they've been good enough to share. I, in turn, hope they are enjoying my post too.
4) How does your writing/creating process work?
It's really pretty simple!
A lot of times my writing comes as a result of a beautiful photo that I have taken that's inspired me.
Other times I am writing about a project I'm working on or a story about a trip I've taken somewhere.
I'm inspired by life in general...
Now I would like you to meet two sweet ladies whose blogs I immensely enjoy and I think that you will too.
Both of these women have accepted my invitation to carry on the BlogLand Tour for July 28th.
Lovely Brandi blogs over at Do Not Disturb This Groove . She is a wife, mother of two, and mom to three fur babies. Brandi loves to create pretty things and decorate her home on a budget. After renting for years she and her husband purchased their home six years ago. Brandi enjoys making her house a home. She and her husband stay busy making changes to their home. For the past few years they've enjoyed updating the kitchen cabinets, giving their son's room a new look  and most recently, creating a relaxing outdoor patio.
Brandi loves the challenge of a DIY project!
Sweet Stephanie's blog is The Enchanting Rose.
She says that her little place consist of crafts, sewing, recipes, hymns, tea cups, and sweet encouragement from the Bible.
Stephanie is a lover of all things vintage and beautiful books. Roses are her weakness and reading is a pure joy to her!
A big "Thank You" again to both of you ladies for participating in The BlogLand Tour!
Partying Here:




Friday, 18 July 2014

Love That Union Jack!

I had not realised until I was browsing through my own Pinterest boards how many items I had saved containing the Union Jack.
Several saves were chairs containing the Union Jack.

Here are pillows and banners I like.
A dresser done by Crystelle Boutique.
And lastly, a tea cosy done by the talented Pam Kitty Morning.
I'm a fan and would like to make something with the Union Jack.....
Have you yet?
Today will be my day to go fishing and swimming with Starlet. Her Papa took her out yesterday while I caught the laundry up from our travels.
I have so many things planned for us to do together, I doubt we will get half of them done. But no matter, as long as she is having fun, that's what is important.
She has announced that she will be making breakfast this morning.
I can't wait to see what she's serving us!
Just a reminder that Monday I will be doing my Blogland Tour.
I hope to see you then!
Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Family Photos from Michigan Trip

  Cherry Festival Parade
Finally, my friends, now that I am home I have time to show you the photos from our quick trip down to Michigan to see a couple of our children and their families.
I had thought that I would have at least a few minutes to do a post or two while on the road, but that sure wasn't the case!
We started in Traverse City with our son's family.
This is a photo from the last parade of the Cherry Festival that we attended.
You can see from Reece's expression he's a bit disappointed with the parade.
He had attended the smaller Kingsley 4th of July parade and had made a candy haul that was equal to that of  Halloween Eve.
So the fact that there were only two floats that threw any candy was a bit of a downer for him:>(
It didn't take him too long to forget about the candy once the parade got into full swing with the marching bands and floats though.
That's a good boy!
Back home in the yard, our Little Brig is showing off his t-ball expertise!
And Reece is the Happy Camper now playing with the belated birthday presents his Nannie and Papa brought for him.
After a quick day trip down to Kalamazoo, we finally arrived at our daughter's in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
We did go to Presque Isle for the Bog Walk, but it was so overcast that I didn't bother with the camera.
I wish now I had taken more photos now...
As you can see our Lammie is still crazy about his new puppy and giving her lots of love and attention.
And the night before we left I snapped this photo of Emily braiding Starlet's hair.
I remember well doing Emily's hair when she was young and she wore the same expression on her face, as if to say,
"Mom, do I have to have my hair braided"?
Starlet came home with us for a week, so I'll have plenty more photos of her to share as the week progresses.
I haven't visited with our Alberta g'children since our trip back from the Yukon, but here is a photo our son sent last week of  Camden, Conner, and Lexy at play.
They appear to be full of plenty of vim and vigor!
I love seeing the children and the grands too, but I am ever so glad to be back to Home Sweet Home again.
Like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home"!



Monday, 14 July 2014

A Blog Tour


Hi Friends!
I am on the road today.
I'm sitting in McDonald's in St Ignace, Michigan in fact!
I didn't have time to load any photos today for you, but I did want to share a Blog Tour that I will be participating in soon.
Today it is at my friend, Jann.
Her blog is Have A Cup With Mrs. Olsen.

Please pop over and tour her home today and I will try to be back tomorrow with some cute photos of the grandchildren!

Friday, 11 July 2014

You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

I realised that as I was looking back through our photos from our trip home from the Yukon that I had not shown you the pictures I had taken of the Buffalo herd along the way.

These Buffalo are located between Watson Lake, Yukon and Liard Hotsprings, BC.
Aren't they just gorgeous creatures?
We encounter them every time we make this trip.
They are so amazing, I never tire of them!
Many times in the past we have had to drive around them with our car, as they were right in the road.
But they were all lazing around this trip.
I guess we caught them at their nap time.
I wish I had taken the time to count how many we were passing, but a certain fellow was driving so fast at times they were sometimes just a blur...
Every time I see the Buffalo now I remember what a very wise man once told me.
And it is this:
I think we'd all be wise to take heed to this very wise man's advice!
Don't you?
I am off to visit some of the grandchildren for the next few days so expect lots of brag photos in the next few post.
Also, I wanted to share two more blog parties were they were sweet enough to feature my Budget Decor Porch.
I'm calling it the porch that just keeps giving and giving!
Have a good week, my friends!